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Runs rings around other fertilisers!

Treerings are a game changer in the fertilising industry. Treerings provide precision fertiliser placement, optimising the nutrition of trees/shrubs to enhance their growth and stimulate flowering.

Treerings are perfect for new plantings, sustaining trees, plants and shrubs and providing annual nutrition. They can be safely used in the garden, commercial crops, tree plantings, road side plantings, plantation fields and mine site rehabilitation. Treerings can be easily customised to suit specific plant and soil needs.

Each Treering is made up of locally sourced re-purposed materials and is designed to retain moisture and save on watering – it’s an environmentally-conscious product! 

Treerings are enriched with a custom blend of nutrients and trace elements for plants, trees and shrubs, promoting vigorous growth and assisting to improve the soil. 

Its compact design allows a Treering to slowly breakdown into the soil – meaning you only need to fertilise your garden once per year! Place one Treering around a tree or shrub and it provides the correct level of plant food for 12 months in the form of nitrates, slow release fertilisers and trace elements.

The compact structure encourages water retention; releasing water slowly and directly to the plant, meaning you keep the water where it's needed most! 

Treering Benefits:

  • Light & super easy to install

  • Contain up to 90% natural fertilising benefits

  • No smell

  • Last up to 12 months

  • Water reducing

  • Breaks down into the soil naturally

  • Focusses the nutrients at the plant base

  • Prevents over-spray, under-spray or run off to water sources

  • Turns common waste materials into a new purpose

  • Can be tailored to soil needs or to suit specific plant species, such as roses (ask us how!)

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A home-grown Treerings case study

A Treering was placed around a malnourished tree. The tree was leafless and the surrounding grass was dead...

Three weeks later, the photo on the left was captured. Vibrant green grass surrounds the tree base, indicating that the Treering is providing vital nutrients directly to the base of the plant. The tree flourishes and is covered in a healthy layer of green leaves. This is the first photo captured that gave evidence to the team that Treerings were performing as intended and it was an idea worth pursuing further.

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