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A game changer in the fertilising industry!

Treerings provide precision fertiliser placement, optimising the nutrition of trees and plants to help kickstart their growth, aid in fruit development and stimulate flowering.

Our compact rings provide annual nutrition and can safely be used in gardens, commercial crops, road side plantings, plantation fields and mine site rehabilitation. The Treerings formula can be easily customised to suit specific plant and soil needs.

As the Treering breaks down, it acts like a mulch by retaining moisture following watering and releasing it slowly to the plant – keeping plants hydrated for longer. Given the Treering also provides the correct level of plant feed for up to 12 months, this two birds one stone approach, paired with the ease of installation, will reduce the amount of time and energy required to fertilise plants and trees in large scale projects.

We have three compact Treering sizes – small, regular and large. The type of planting project will determine the suitable Treering size required, whether it be for new plantings, tube stock or sustaining established trees.

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Treerings, now in a liquid concentrate!

Treerings Australia are all about minimising waste and re-purposing materials – that’s where the idea of Treerings Liquid Blend simply made sense!

Our compact Treering fertiliser products are rich in nutrients and trace elements, which leaves behind a highly concentrated by-product during the Treerings manufacturing process.

This concentrate provides the benefits of Treerings but in a versatile liquid form. We’ve bottled up the goodness and it’s ready to boost lawns, gardens, veggie patches and large-scale plantations.

Treerings Liquid Blend has been scientifically analysed and the results are a naturally-sourced concoction of plant, tree and lawn feed that will improve soil health, promote healthy growth, stimulate flowering and fruit development.

Our liquid concentrate is available in 1000L recycled IBC containers.

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